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Access to Technical Data


  1. Interested parties, including potential license or permit holders, clients, academic institutions or anybody interested in making use of existing South African upstream oil and gas exploration data, can obtain access to available data.
  2. Data catalogues, on available data for a specific geographical area, can be provided on request.
  3. Data can be viewed in the Data Room Facilities at the Petroleum Agency SA offices in Bellville through booking and requesting for such a service to be delivered. All parties obtaining access to use the viewing facility will have to sign a Confidentiality Undertaking.
  4. A geoscientist from the Promotional team shall supervise, advise and control the process of viewing data in the Data Room.
  5. Data can be purchased:
    • Commercial tariffs apply to potential clients, like potential permit/rights owners and companies or individuals who use the data to do an investigation or evaluation with the purpose of selling such products for financial gain. An exception to this applies to onshore data acquired prior to 1980, where the quality of such data does not warrant commercial tariffs. In such instances copy cost rates will apply.
    • Copy cost rates apply to existing permit holders, SA Governmental Bodies and academic institutions.
  6. All interested parties, who requires access to data, needs to sign a confidentiality agreement (CA). Confidentiality undertakings or contracts may differ depending on the nature or the use of such data.
  7. Once a permit has been granted, all available technical data applicable to the permit area can be provided to the permit holder at copy cost rates.
  8. Copies of data can be supplied at "copy cost" rates where a permit holder needs to obtain duplicates for partners.
  9. The requestor of data will carry the cost for any courier or shipment cost plus a 10% handling fee.
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