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The continental shelf of the Republic of South Africa covers some 200 000 km² and the country has a coastline approximately 3 000 km in length.

Petroleum Agency SA is responsible for the archive and management of the national hydrocarbon exploration database and has catalogued all of the data and reports resulting from the drilling of more than 300 offshore and some 200 onshore boreholes. The exploration database also include seismic field and processed data for more than 300 000 line km's of 2D and 40 000 km² of 3D seismic data that was acquired offshore and some 9800 km of seismic processed data that was acquired during the late 1960's in the onshore Karoo, Algoa and Zululand onshore basins. All hydrocarbon exploration data belongs to the State.

Permit or right holders that carry out exploration or production activities, are required to supply all new, reprocessed data, results and information at relinquishment to the Agency for incorporation into the National Database.

Map A provides guidance to the naming convention being used for seismic and borehole names. It shows the location of old (1965) and newly defined (1994) license blocks and their relationship to the designation of seismic and borehole names. For example: Seismic Line A81-011 and all wells drilled in Block A will start with the prefix A.

Geo-Technical Data Portal System
An interactive technical data browsing and ordering system is available that can be accessed through the following link:

The system provides for the viewing of various layers of information through an interactive geographical information system. Different layers like, data asset elements (wells and seismic surveys), existing active licenses, basins, national parks, towns and provinces can be overlaid onto base-maps. The database can be queried on availability of existing data within the area of interest.

Further functionality exists in querying the database through user defined polygons, wildcard multiple asset element definitions and ordering the data through a user registration process. (see further detail by using the link above or click here.

Shape-files containing information on available data can be downloaded for the following areas by clicking on the links below:

RSA Onshore Basins
RSA Offshore Basins
RSA Onshore Lease Areas
RSA Offshore Lease Areas
RSA Shale Gas (Quarantined Areas)
RSA Karoo Seismic Lines
RSA Karoo Wells
RSA Offshore Seis2D
RSA Offshore Seis3D
RSA Offshore Wells


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